Refund Policy

I really try to discourage refunds. There are people that make money with this income opportunity. Money that keeps food on the table, and their bills paid. It's really not fair to them when people just refund because they gave it a half-hearted try and it didn't work for them.

Remember: Every reseller gets an identical website and in most cases, the person you purchased from WAS NOT ME, but someone just like you, who, like you, needs that money their making from this program to help make ends meet. I'm sure you understand how that feels. That's why this program exists.

The Free Bonuses Alone Make It Worth Your $19

I tried to make the free bonuses SO GOOD with this program, that even if you weren't happy with the program itself, the bonuses made it worth your $19. I hope you will consider what I've said before making a snap decision to ask for a refund, or do a dispute.

  • If you want a refund, just email your reseller FIRST.
  • Their email address would be on your receipt.
  • There's never a need to file disputes.

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